Hammer It


Often we get focused on building our business and communities we forget our future is not in what we build but in what our building produces. What is the purpose of our effort and our answer should not solely be to sell/serve more. In today’s market we need to answer what problems we are solving and what connection are we making?

To ensure our success here are some simple questions we can ask before we start swinging the hammer:

1. What is the lived experience (pain, worry, fear, issue) of who we’re seeking to sell/serve? Make a list. Of course, the more we know of our audience the better our list.

2. Imagine who we’re addressing and articulate their current reality without our solution/service? Consider their ‘feelings’ as they manage their lives without us. How are they ‘getting by’? What must that feel like?

3. Connect for them how our solution/service not only solves their problem/issue but imagine for them they are now that they know us and use us. Is their life easier? Happier? More fulfilled? Are they more the person they long to be?

It’s not enough to solve one’s problems with a solution/service; today’s consumers want more than a transaction. Today we must create experiences where our customers’ lives are more actualized, fulfilled and easier. We must go further than simply ‘fix’ but help them see their lives are better off; that they’re closer to living the life that lives inside them.

Now that’s a nail worth hitting.

image source: memegenerator.net